First Post

I am returning to life after a series of strokes blinded me. I really don’t know what to say, but that I am conscious again and sight is returning. Thanks, God. It’s amazing what’s to see out there in the world. So, I think I’ll use this gift to compose poetry.

Iguana Dreams

by Mike Strom

It’s a world that I return to from the night

paralyzed, denyed

cannot be right… am wrong I suppose, but is delight.

Sanctity, of sanity, inanity, words lost

images tossed through memories

that are stirring and I wish

oh, I wish to count the stars once again,

to trod the ice hard concrete cold nights

colder bytes of reality that I see wandering back at me

Who can see? Can I see?

Let my big slow moving dreams hatch

with the sun breaking over the Sierras

let shasta gleam in icy light

my memories compound

my nights turn to glory

tight Willamette Valley dreams

Iguana dreams

spread once more across the sea

reaching back to me

in curling rollers of fantasy.