Let’s Salute Dreams of September


By: Mike Strom


Let us consider dreams of September

When in life we reach the simple.

And forget the too much hoary power.

Leaf alternative, mayhem can’t wait—bad guy—Humph!


Sweet and sour pork, two coffees—

Reaching in reaching out, I’m hungry.

Let it satisfy before making a commitment—

It’s grass it’s leaf bringing out, bringing in.


Art we find as car pulls up making trouble—

No—try again. Don’t pronounce. Try a little muddle my lady.

Want me, want you, off of me. How I look— okay?

Coffee for the rest of my life. Let’s keep working.


I’m out of it! Hose clamps. We.. sorry I didn’t meet you.

What’s forever?—Pliers?

Talked with Artie over coffee.

Won’t be mad. Florida? Have a good time..


Holiday run the shop,

Maybe something happening.

Texas Hold—‘em cowboy—party one time.

Make a decision or head on out… it’s not about the money.