Ballad of Plenty Horses

By Mike Strom


Plenty Horses blew Lieutenant Casey’s brains

Out with one well placed shot from

His repeating rifle from five yards behind

A bullet that entered the back of the head and

Came out his eye carrying the proud leader of the

Cheyenne scouts brains all over his horse, and

Pitching him on the ground before Pine Ridge.

Plenty Horses was ashamed because he went

To the Carlisle school for 5 years and he missed

The slaughter at Wounded Knee by a day.

Casey’s killing took place in January of 1891.


Casey, reconnoitering, rode out ahead of his scouts

And Plenty Horses met him

On his war pony to stop him from advancing Toward the village…

Wounded Knee on his mind,

An ill recorded, much disputed argument

Between the antagonists occurred and

Plenty horses did the deed he was aching to do,

Honor preserved, he rode his pony Back to the res.

He got off, a surprise, after a mistrial

When the judge threw in the towel,

Saying it was an act of war and not a murder at all

Thus allowing the Wounded Knee massacre

To be an heroic action with 3 Medal of Honor

Awarded to soldiers who tossed 250 Indian Corpses

Proud Oglala warriors, squaws, children

And old men into a mass grave where the soldiers

Posed heroically above  ghostly dancers

Transformed into newly minted martyrs.