Hey Mr… WTO

by Mike Strom

(Dec. 1, 1999)

You ain’t saying nothing

to me

about millionaires or

even billionaires.  NO

What we’re talking about today

is riots in Seattle…

cops in Darth Vader Suits

lining the streets

firing tear gas

at mask less crowds of people.

Kathi Goertzen reports in horror

of a garbage can

… a garbage can can you imagine that…

the horror… being rolled towards

police line…

trembling yuppie reporters

call in the

vandalizing of a Starbucks

what do these protesters want

Lattes… Cappacinos?

Who are they… where did they come from…

What kind of people would crowd the streets

and challenge tear gas bombs?

Hey Mr. WTO…

In your country they machine gun protestors

In your country they pay people 12 cents an hour

and don’t call that slave labor… So you

don’t have to worry at all because

in our country we export the labor

and no longer produce

the products that we use.  We drive our farmers and


into bankruptcy… IN OUR COUNTRY


Protest the dying of the American Dream

Protest… against

the 13 year old Chinese girl

who assembles the products of America

for less money in a day

than you pay for your Starbuck’s Latte

So Mr… WTO… who

are you?  Are you  privileged

or are you just stupid…

My guess is Arrogant

My guess is Proud…

Then again…

Marie Antoinette rode proud

on the tumbrel

to the high guillotine

so gleaming and bright…

Like we watch the TV tonight

It’s quite a sight…

tear gas spreading

and cops running in formation

reminds me of

Tsar Nicholas and all

Cossacks on the street

wheeling to charge

the empty dying charge…

Sometimes we wonder

sometimes we fall

Sometimes we can’t stand up at all…

but MR. WTO…

Welcome to the US

Welcome to the Mall

don’t worry about the people…

they don’t matter at all.