Arabian Night

by Mike Strom

Gulf of Oman 1986

The night

Is more than I

can stand.  The whistling

on the fantail, the sun lolling over mountains

of sand.  And, then, following

some ancient command

I let my mind drift,

relentlessly with

the rising


Jupiter and Mars

align tonight.  Surrender

to fastidious delight.  Fields of

summer grass…snapdragons bouncing

in the breeze.  Walking knee deep in ochre leaves,

Grasshoppers buzzing toward the trees,

Bowing gently toward the river

Flowing slowly to the sea.

I shall return…

for chains


are from fear.

In triumph comes

realization that what we fear,

is ourselves… and the triumph is love.

The flowers of the meadows

breath seed over seas,

past memories,